Triangle Infinity Mirror with Embedded Tunnel Light


Add a geometric twist to your decor with the Triangle Infinity Mirror with Embedded Tunnel Light. This captivating wall decor piece showcases a triangular shape that enhances any room with its deep, mesmerizing tunnel light effect. The seamless integration of light and mirror creates an illusion of infinite depth, making it a standout feature in your home or office.

Key Features:

Unique Triangle Design: Bold and distinct, the triangle shape offers a modern look that catches the eye.
Mesmerizing Infinity Effect: Equipped with mirrors and lights to give a perception of endless space.
Energy-Efficient LED Lights: Bright, long-lasting, and economical, perfect for continuous use.
Simple Installation: Comes ready to mount with all necessary fittings, making it easy to set up.
Ideal for creating a focal point in living areas, hallways, or bedrooms, this Infinity Mirror is more than just lighting—it's a piece of art that invites conversation and admiration. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home ambiance or add a decorative touch to your office, this mirror is an excellent choice.

Power Specifications: 100-240V / 20W / 50Hz
Cord Length: 250cm / 98"
Dimmable: Adjust brightness to your preference
Universal Adapter Included: Comes ready with UK/AUS/US/EUR plugs
Suitable for Worldwide Usage: Compatible with international voltage standards