3D Mirror Salon Signage



A custom 3D acrylic mirror sign with backlight is a perfect addition to any salon, providing a stunning visual display for customers to see your products and services. This type of sign is made from high-quality acrylic material, which is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for a salon environment.

The mirror finish on the sign gives it a stylish and modern look that will catch the eye of anyone passing by. The 3D effect creates depth and dimension, making the sign stand out even more.

With backlighting, the sign will glow and add an extra element of interest to your salon. This is especially effective in low-light environments or when you want to draw attention to a particular product or service.

Whether you're showcasing your latest hair and beauty products or promoting a new service, a 3D acrylic mirror sign with backlighting is a fantastic investment that will help to attract more customers to your salon.

You can create your own custom 3D sign, contact us for more details